Reference documentation for translations.

Translating Rot is an ongoing process. You can help us out by updating or adding translations or contacting support with the language you want or corrected translations.

Updating or Adding Translations

We use yaml8n for our translations.

Rot generates translations from the translations.yaml file.


Checkout the yaml8n docs for more information.

The syntax for the file is easy to understand:

translations: # A list of translation objects.  The objects contain context and a translation for each of the iso639codes
    context: Subject for email address changes
    de: '[Aktion erforderlich] Bestätigen Sie Ihre aktualisierte E-Mail-Adresse'
    en: |
      [Action Required] Verify Your Updated Email Address      

Adding a new language

To add a new language, please contact us .

Updating translations

You can update the translations if you notice something in Rot that isn’t translated correctly. Checkout this git repo and open a pull request with your changes. You should be able to search the document to find the original translation.

Some translations may not be in the main document–these are shared translations. Please contact us to update these.