About Rot, an easy way to manage cryptographic values.

Rot is an open source command line (CLI) tool for managing cryptographic values.

Rot makes cryptography easy:

  • Generate keys and values using current best encryption
  • Rekey encrypted values to the latest encryption standards
  • Share your encrypted values with other users and devices
  • One-way encryption for zero-knowledge secrets
  • Run commands and scripts with encrypted values injected via environment variables
  • Store your encrypted values securely in git with human-readable diffs
  • Generate and view X.509 certificates and Certificate Authorities
  • Generate and view JWTs
  • Generate and verify signatures
  • Generate SSH keys and certificates

Crypto Agility

Rot provides future proof cryptographic primitives

Crypto Tooling

Rot is a cryptographic swiss army knife

Secret Sharing

Rot makes sharing secrets easy and secure

Secret Storage

Rot stores your secrets and keys securely