About Rot, an easy way to manage cryptographic values.

Rot is a command line (CLI) tool for managing cryptographic values.

Rot makes cryptography easy:

  • Generate keys and values using current best encryption
  • Version and track your secrets
  • Secure secrets among individuals using Shamir Secret Sharing
  • Rekey encrypted values to the latest encryption standards
  • Share your encrypted values with other users and devices
  • Perform one-way encryption for zero-knowledge secrets
  • Run commands and scripts with encrypted values injected through environment variables
  • Store your encrypted values securely in git with human-readable diffs
  • Generate and view X.509 certificates and Certificate Authorities
  • Generate and view JWTs
  • Generate and verify signatures
  • Generate SSH keys and certificates

Crypto Agility

Rot provides future proof cryptographic primitives

Crypto Tooling

Rot is a cryptographic swiss army knife

Secret Injection

Rot makes injecting secrets into tools easy

Secret Sharing

Rot makes sharing secrets easy and secure

Secret Storage

Rot stores your secrets and keys securely